Single Command Generator

This utility converts several commands into a single command which can be easily pasted into a command block.
SingleCommand is currently in alpha.

Commands to run:

Use ‘init Commands’ to run commands once after the first tick.
Use ‘conditional Commands’ to run a command only if the previous command succeeded.
Use ‘[Name] Commands’ to name a command block.
Use ‘define Name = Value’ to define a macro and ‘{Name}’ to insert it.

Slashes before commands are not required. Empty lines are ignored, and lines starting with ‘#’, ‘;’, or ‘--’ are considered comments.

See the reference for more information.

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Output command:


Prefer to do this from the command line? Download the Python script!

Made by OokiePigster • You can contact me via Twitter, Tumblr, or e-mailMinecraft command referenceSingleCommand reference
Commands entered into this utility are not recorded unless shared.